The new era in animal wound care

Five unique and effective spray-on treatments for a wide variety of dermatologic issues

CLEAR: soothing, protective Contains powerful moisturizers, emollients, and skin protectants to provide invisible protection from: friction/rubbing, bacteria, moisture, and skin irritants. It also helps soothe red, raw, irritated skin.

ZINC: antibacterial, anti-itch, anti-inflammatory Contains the same ingredients as CLEAR with the addition of zinc to provide antibacterial and anti-itch activity as well as enhanced skin protection. This formula is great for treating skin infections. This spray is also an effective sunblock and helps reduce inflammation. Zinc is an essential nutrient in all cells of the body and promotes healing.

SILVER: antibacterial, antifungal, deodorizing Contains the same skin soothing ingredients as CLEAR with the addition of zinc and silver. Silver is able to kill bacteria and fungi; it also helps deodorize affected skin.

ANTIFUNGAL: antifungal, protective Contains the same ingredients as ZINC with the addition of the powerful antifungal, miconazole. This formula inhibits fungal growth and is most useful in cases of ringworm or other skin fungal infections.

FIRST AID: antibacterial, soothing Contains the same ingredients as ZINC with the addition of the antiseptic, bacitracin, to simultaneously treat and protect the skin. This formula is most applicable for treating fresh skin wounds such as cuts and scrapes.

Highest concentration of pharmaceutical grade active ingredients Easy to apply with no stinging, no glucocorticoids, no fragrances, no alcohol

- All of Animal Wound Care World Wide’s formulas are Touchless Sprays meaning they are spray-on with no rubbing required – helpful with sore or fractious animals.

- Unique spray pumps deliver a measured amount of product (~0.2gm) in a uniform circular pattern that then bonds to the skin eliminating any need for rubbing.

- None of the sprays contain irritating preservatives, surfactants, alcohol, or fragrances.

- Clinical observations and independent laboratory studies substantiate the

efficacy of these products in killing a variety of bacteria and fungi.

- Studies show all formulas kill at least 99.9% of MRSA within 24 hours

with SILVER and ANTIBACTERIAL formulas killing over 97% in just five hours.

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