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The Science

Three sprays are available: Touchless CLEAR, Touchless ZINC, and Touchless SILVER

CLEAR is a Petrolatum/Dimethicone-based formula (with no Zinc Oxide) that “invisibly” protects the skin.  For more problematic skin conditions, ZINC offers Zinc Oxide/Dimethicone to protect and treat a variety of conditions.  For the most troublesome cases, SILVER spray offers the same Zinc Oxide/Dimethicone base with 25 ppm Silver to help with bacterial infections.  

Touchless Sprays are the most concentrated of any skin care product on the market, so only a small amount is required to treat and protect.  The high levels of Zinc Oxide and Dimethicones creates a durable coating that helps against water/urine, irritation, and other environmental factors while other emollient ingredients help moisturize.  None of our sprays have any surfactants, fragrances, preservatives, etc. that can be toxic.   

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